When it comes to making big decisions — „Should we break up or be together?“ „Should I go into debt to attend a private college?“ — you might find yourself going back and forth, overanalyzing until you drive yourself (and everyone else around you) crazy. When something matters so much to you, is it even possible to make an informed choice?

The key to making good decisions is balancing following your heart, or intuition, and listening to your head (logic and reason). Although you can never be sure of all the future outcomes of a big decision, nor should you try to be, one thing is certain: Nothing is worse than remaining in a state of indecision. Click through the slideshow below for five signs that you’ve chosen the right path.

1. You Listened To Your Intuition
Did you have a gut feeling about what choice to make, or a strong sudden feeling about what must be done? Also known as following your heart, listening to instincts, gut reations, and intuitive guidance can help you make decisions that are in line with your deepest values and concerns. But be careful not to confuse intuition with emotional reactions — sudden clarity, not sudden anger, is a sign of your inner guidance at work.

2. But You Also Weighed The Possible Outcomes

While your gut reactions and instincts are important sources of intuitive guidance, make sure that you also look at the decision rationally, weighing the pros and cons of each possible choice to figure out what, realistically, makes the most sense for you. Balance out emotional reactions by using logic and making sure you’ve taken all relevant factors of the decision into consideration.

3. You Can Take Pride In The Decision

Do you see the possibility of regret or shame following from one of your possible choices? Will your actions potentially affect someone else in a negative way? If you’re struggling with a decision between something you want and something you feel that you should do, take time to consider how you will likely feel about yourself afterwards — and whether the choice is in line with the kind of person you’d like to be.

4. You Found The ‚Why‘
Have you gotten to the root of why you might be thinking about breaking up with your boyfriend, or attending college abroad? You may tell yourself a story about the potential perks of such a decision without ever getting to the root cause of your desire to leave a particular relationship or situation. Sometimes the details can cloud our minds to the most fundamental aspect of WHY you are making the choice in the first place. Looking at this question can help you find your true motivations.

5. You Can Sleep
Your body can tell you a lot about whether you’re making the right decision. Do you feel tense or start experiencing anxious, racing thoughts when you talk or think about one of the options? When you’ve made the decision, does your body feel relaxed? Are you able to sleep well? Tuning into physical cues can help connect you to more unconscious feelings and instincts you may have about making a particular choice.

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