Clairvoyance, clairaudience and other “clairs” comes with psychic intuition development. But such development need to be supported by conscious mind, and there’s interesting exercise, more like technique, that can improve your intuitive work. All you need is some visualization skills.

How I Made The Discovery

Your brain knows what is good for you – at least to some degree. One day, or should I say, one night I begun to experience visions. Like dreams, except the fact I was completely conscious during these, and I was able to clearly recall all the images, and even make notes. Another night I’ve seen a library, in which I had full control over my movements – so I’ve picked up a book, and I saw a symbol. Its meaning is not important, everything else is.

You see, your brain is an interesting tool for working with clairvoyance.

How To Use This Technique

First important thing – you need to be a visual person, which means that your sight must be your primary sense. Those who prefer touch, or sounds might not get good results from this technique. So as I said, you will need some visualization skills. You’re going to create your sacred space, but not physical area, but a mental area.

  1. Meditate – first, start your normal meditation session. Close your eyes, relax and enter proper state of mind, in which you’re going to continue your work.
  2. Visualize a room, when you’re ready – let go your imagination, what do you see? How big is the room, is there any furniture? Is it bright or dark? Are there any weird symbols? The point is – do not try to visualize anything on your own, let go and see what your brain can create for you. Just sit and observe.
  3. Add the furniture – by furniture I mean everything you want. After your mind is done with first phase of your room creation, take control, use visualization to put objects you want in the room. Maybe a bookshelf, or a tarot deck on a desk, some flowers, maybe a huge window and sunlight entering the room? Add some bookshelf, some boxes, some chests, generally things that can be opened or reversed. You’re going to need them…

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