Do you use the power of intuition in your life?

So many times in my life I have ignore this inner knowing to either do something or not do something. And only later have I discovered to my dismay that I “should” have followed my inner voice.

At other times, I have followed this guidance and things have truly worked out well. There was the time when I followed an impulse to attend a seminar and I discovered the world of coaching. Another time, I ended up in India at Nirvana School!

Another time, I took a soul nourishing digital sabbatical and it did me the world of good.

It doesn’t even have to involve major life decisions either but can be simply guidance about visiting my happy places and whether to take an umbrella in case it may rain later. (Here in England, you don’t need your intuition to help you with this decision – you always take your brolly!).

You too probably have many such instances in our life where there seemed to be this superior power guiding you. Look back right now and recall the times when you followed – or didn’t follow this inner knowing, or guidance or power or whatever you call it.

For this post, we’ll call it our intuition. The key question however is how to harness the power of this intuition.

What would it be like if we could simply call on this power at any time?

Today, I am proud and pleased to feature my friend Angela Artemis who has just published her latest book The Intuition Principle (Amazon USA /Amazon UK).

I took Angela to task about her book and grilled her like I have never grilled an author before! Here’s what Angela had to say about intuition and her book:-

1. So Angela, tell us more about you. How has intuition played a big role in your life?

Following my intuition completely changed my life!

While I was really good at helping others using my intuition, I never trusted it for myself! This led to my living a completely inauthentic life for years. I took the major in college, went into the wrong profession, spent nearly two decades in the corporate financial sales industry, married the wrong person and messed up big time in the real estate market – all because I would not trust my intuition.

When I finally decided that my life was unbearable I thought to myself, “Why not try following your intuition? If all your decisions have been wrong up until now because you wouldn’t follow your intuition – why not follow it and see what happens?” I did exactly that and my life turned around 180 degrees!

All I can say Arvind, is that you have to trust your gut and follow your intuition to find out that when you leap, the Universe will always catch you and safely place you on the most exciting path of your life!

2. Most people only have a vague idea about intuition. What exactly is it?

Our intuition is our own inner wisdom. It comes from a deep place within. Everyone has it and it is there to guide and direct us in our lives.  It is a small voice we hear, often like a whisper that gently nudges us to make the right choices and decisions in our lives. It can tell us when we should be wary of a person and when we should act on an opportunity. It comes to us spontaneously and many times, it feels like an “aha” moment.

Can you feel it?

3. Please share some stories about how intuition has changed your life.

By listening to my intuition I left my career, went back to school and got a degree in writing and communications. I also left my marriage and started a whole new life being authentic to who I am at my core.

Listening to my intuition led me to become a freelance writer, which led to blogging which led to my writing three books including, “The Intuition Principle.” Had I not listened to my intuition, I might not be speaking with you today!

Six months ago whilst struggling to finish editing “The Intuition Principle,” keeping up with publishing on my blog and working full time in my financial sales job plus take care of my elderly mother, I was very near a melt-down.

I couldn’t physically keep going at that pace. I was in my office one day when I heard this intuitive command suddenly in my mind. It said loudly and strongly, “Ask for a leave of absence.” Every fibre of my being resonated with this command and I felt a sudden “sense of knowing and relief” that I finally had the solution I needed. I got up and walked into my boss’s office and shut the door. When I came out I packed up my things and went home to begin my leave of absence.

Each time I followed my intuition my life got better and I became happier and more satisfied with my life. Who knew being true to myself could be so much fun? I wish I hadn’t waited this long.

 4. How did your book “Intuition Principle” come about?

After years of struggle, I finally realized that many problems in my life were the result of not following my intuition. I was not in touch with my intuition in my life. I never understood how “subtle” intuition was, so I kept expecting this “booming external voice” which only led me to ignore the soft whispers of my intuition further.

Once I understood the integral part that intuition plays in finding that path I wanted to share “the why and how” so no one would have to struggle like I did.

Finding your true path, passion and purpose in life gives your life so much meaning. It’s a joy to get up each day knowing that what other people call work is like “play” to you. I honestly think that is how we are meant to live our lives. When you find your true calling it isn’t work – it’s just pure joy.

The book is a handbook for others to avoid making the same mistakes as I did, based on years of research I did on this topic initially for myself. When I made the decision to listen to my intuition 100 percent of the time, my life began to turn around! When I saw how my life had changed I wanted to share this information with others.

And that’s how the The Intuition Principle (Amazon USA /Amazon UK) came about!

 5. What’s special about your book?

If you are looking for a road map to finding your true purpose, passion and path in life then “The Intuition Principle” is for you. It is a guidebook for uncovering your authentic self by following your intuition. Learning to navigate your life by intuition is the most direct way to finding the joyous and rewarding life you’ve always dreamed of living.

The Intuition Principle is different because it is a book about finding your true calling and then sharing your gifts with the world rather than just a book about developing your intuition. I believe we should use our intuition to make our lives better, and not for entertainment or “fortune telling.”

The “principle” itself is what makes the book really special.

“The Intuition Principle is a concept that within you exists an innate technology, your intuition, capable of both guiding you to and attracting to you the life and happiness you have always dreamed of.”

Activating the intuition principle will not only lead you to opportunities but, will place you in the right place at the right time when they occur – in essence “bringing the world to you.”

6. How will your book practically help readers in their day to day life?

When you learn to listen to your intuition you will know if you’re on the right path.

You will know which opportunities to follow through on and which to turn down. You will know who is trustworthy and you will choose the right business partners, life partners, contractors, doctors and more.

You will be led to pick up the phone to call someone you hadn’t spoken with in a long while or led to go somewhere you don’t normally go and this will lead to doors opening for you.

Listening to your intuition puts you in direct path of fortunate and meaningful coincidences and floods your mind with inspiration to take action at just the right time, just like I did when I was suddenly inspired to speak to my boss about a leave of absence. There are so many practical applications that I haven’t even scratched the surface.

7. Angela, as you know my blog is all about helping people make it happen in their lives. Can you please share some practical ways of how people can use their intuition to make positive changes in their lives.

My pleasure Arvind.

Make a list of all the positive changes you’d like to make in your life. Put realistic dates after them for when you wish to see them accomplished.

If you’re not sure what positive changes to make you can ask your intuition for guidance.

Set aside some quiet time each day to just “listen” after you make your request. If you are a meditator, it can be during meditation.  Ask to be guided as to how you can best manifest these changes or on what they should be. If no insights come to you during this time, trust that they will come when the time is right. The answers need to “percolate” before they surface in your awareness. Repeat this exercise each day.

Pay attention to your thoughts throughout the day. Inspiration tends to surface when we are in a calm state of mind such as when you are taking a shower, washing the dishes, taking a walk or doing any other relaxing activity.

Whenever an inspiring idea “hits” you as to how to implement the change you asked for in your life, act upon it!

The more you act upon these intuitive inspirations the more you will receive. Using your intuition is not unlike any other activity, the more you practice the better you become at it.

8. There is so much doom and gloom around the world today. So how can my readers use their intuition to make a positive difference in the world?

To be of service to the world, you must know what your higher calling is.

If you don’t know what the right path is for doing that, I would highly suggest reading “The Intuition Principle.” It is filled with exercises to help you realize what your true path and calling are in life. Your true path is the one that utilizes all your talents and abilities. It is the path that feels effortless to you because you are innately skilled in this area.

Once you uncover what you higher calling is and how you can be of service to the world, give your intuition a command. Ask to be led to the best opportunity to bring your skills and talents to the world. Ask this during meditation and listen. If the answer doesn’t come immediately – relax. It will.

Keep your ears open for the idea to surface during the day or to run into someone who directs you to this opportunity. Once we are on the right path, the Universe will conspire to place you in the right place at the right time where you will be the recipient of a meaningful and fortunate coincidence.

9. Finally, Angela what’s next for you? What’s your intuition telling you to do!?

I am working on an Intuition Principle workbook based on all the exercises in the book and recording all the guided meditations in the book right now.

After that my intuition is telling me to wait and see. I’m not sure what’s next but I have no doubt that when the “intuitive inspiration” hits me, I will know!
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