There’s something called a “Truthometer” that lives inside your body. Its location is around the sternum region, in between the front and back ribcage, slightly left to the center of the chest. Aha! The Heart! There’s another one too—this one is below the navel, underneath the belly bottom, on top of the pubic region—otherwise known as the gut. The heart and gut are two places in the body where if your mind is connected to—you can navigate through life real gracefully and seamlessly. We’re all paving the path of our lives in resonance to our Truth, whatever that may mean for you. Here are some ways in which to help guide you on your way of listening to your INTUITION, “inner knowing” and/or TRUTH

1. Listen.

At every moment, your soul is waiting for you to just listen. Get connected to this radio station! When you’re living in accordance to your soul’s frequency, life opens doors, lays crystals underneath your feet, provides abundantly for your growth and brings you more riches and gifts than you can even fathom or imagine. Get everything out of the way that is impeding the communication between your ears and your soul’s voice.

2. Do the inner work.

Step 1 is do the work. Step 2 is surrender. Step 3 is keep on surrendering. Anything that comes up for you that makes you feel contracted, small or limited is something you’ve gotta look at and transcend to a higher vibration if you want to live aligned with your Truth. If not, karmic situations getting played out in life will continue to be muddy and unclear. As soon as you do the inner work—and continue to do the inner work, outer work-life-play becomes crystalline clear.

3. Get over the hustle.

Someone said to me today, “Chloe, you make it look so easy.” What is? “Life, it comes so effortless for you.” I was laughing out loud inside to myself—if only she knew how many tears I’ve shed to get here. All I could respond with was a, “Yeah, because I finally surrendered to it.”  Surrender and keep on surrendering. Your karmic baggage will hopefully humble you to the point where you come to the realization that we are all connected and interwoven as One big smorgasbord of a human being entity things and your feelings, thoughts and actions reverberate and effect not just you, but your friends, your colleagues, your family, your community, your town, you city, your state, your country, your continent and yes, the entire planet. Keep on surrendering. As my meditation teacher says, “The surrendering… is endless.”

4. Empowerment

A real leader shows others how to be their own leader. When Yogi Bhajan first came to the West he would say, “I didn’t come to America to collect students; I came to train teachers.” Keep only those who empower you and facilitate the space for you to rise higher and higher as an individual to find your own Truth. Don’t follow, LEAD. Don’t be afraid to be the main character of your life! Don’t give away your power over to anyone. It’s yours! Own it! Question everything anyone ever tells you about anything and don’t make it your Truth until you actually experience it for yourself. That’s called Self-Actualization or Self- Realization.

5. So this Truthometer… You can actually physically and tangibly feel it.

I once had a working relationship with someone that was so manipulative and dishonest—it was disgusting. I actually had strangers in restaurants the next day congratulate me for leaving his company. I guess this person had quite the reputation that I was unaware of. Homeboy actually said to me, “Chloe when you go home and you’re laying in bed at night you will feel you are not living your heart’s truth.” As if he knows me better than I know myself. Wow, how bold! I applause his ability to be so ignorant in his fragmented delusion of dictatorship. Now as soon as he said this, internally I felt the buzzer inside my system say, “A*shole Alert! Shady! Liar! Fraud!” I’ve never before felt such a strong magnetic pull within my system of my Truthometer. I am so grateful for this person for the deeper connection he gave me within my own Self! Om Namah Shivaya! When you’re living your life and walking your steps in your Truth, anything that is not in vibrational harmony will alert you in static and discord. Anything in vibrational harmony will feel pleasant, easeful, clear, clean, and overall, good. Listen to what your soul is telling you at all times. Stay out of the mud.

6. Rational mind.

The mind is different from intuition. The mind thinks, intuition feels. Know the difference between what you’re mind is jabbering away with and what your body is trying to communicate to you. The body always knows, the body never lies. The unconscious domain of human being’s brains are expressed in the #1 fashion of body language of when they move through their environment. Don’t believe me? Check it out. Experiment. Start watching the way people move their body when they’re moving through space and time. Or here’s something a bit easier: when they’re telling the truth and when they’re telling lies. Start watching yourself when you’re telling the truth and when you’re telling lies. Hopefully you’re actions and speech are gauged more towards the former rather than the latter.

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